Special Rakhi Collection
Special Rakhi- Unique Combo with Unique Gifts!

The festival of Rakhi is known for its unique celebratory aspect that has been taking people into its grasp since a long time back. Celebrating the festival with auspicious threads oozing with brother-sister love is what makes the festival even more vibrant. Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with our special rakhi collection.

Special Rakhi
Sparkling Threads of Love Rs. 299
Woven with Love Rs. 280
Premium Rakhi Surprise Rs. 799
Auspicious Silver Glory Rs. 349
Colorful Beaded Rakhi Rs. 199
Bracelet Rakhi Duos Rs. 320
Dazzling Rakhi Duos Rs. 299
Stoned to Goodness Rs. 399
Six Splendid Rakhi Set Rs. 549
Red & White Duos Rs. 280
Golden Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Rs. 499
Set of Pearl Rakhis Rs. 349
Two Pearl Rakhis Rs. 280
Blessings of Shiva Rs. 280
2 Elegant Beaded Rakhis Rs. 230
Bond of Love for 3 Rs. 349
Family Love Rs. 399
Golden Wishes Rs. 349
Divine Entity Rs. 299
Kiddy Delight Rs. 349
Rakhi Jewel for Jewels Rs. 399
Rakhi Love Rs. 249
Pearl of the Eye Rs. 299
Overflowing Festivity Rs. 460
Sparkling Rakhis Rs. 299
Silver Lining of Love Rs. 349
Specially Dazzling Rs. 399
Shower of Festivity Rs. 249
A Rakhi for Everyone Rs. 499
Alluring Rakhi Set Rs. 349
Blessed Set of Beautiful Rakhis Rs. 499
Triple Love Rs. 249
Family Rakhi Set Rs. 549
Fabulously Beaded Rs. 349
Graciously Soothing Rs. 399
Mix of Festivity Rs. 349
Colorful Pearly Delight Rs. 349
Calm and Serene Rs. 349
Colors of Love Rs. 349
Calming Rakhi Set Rs. 499
Rakhi set with Kids Surprise Rs. 499
Sparkling Set of Five Rs. 699
Awesome Foursome Rs. 349
Set of 5 Distinctive Rakhis Rs. 599
Shine of Silver Rs. 499
Pearl Silver Combo Rs. 499
Garnishing of Love Rs. 499
Family Delight Rs. 549
Colorful Zardosi Rakhi Set Rs. 349
Glittering Silver Rakhis Rs. 299
Silver Kid Combo Rs. 499
Stylish Pride Rs. 399